How To Make Money On Your Blog Posts

Ever wonder how people are making thousands or millions of dollars on their ordinary blogs? It’s hard to believe, but it’s true! These people are making money even when they’re sleeping. Some of you who are reading this are already enjoying your freedom. You worked hard to turn your blogs into a successful business. “The … [Read more…]

Great Sentence Starters | The Perfect Write!

Hey, let’s give some love to our first and last sentences, that is…  your opening and closing. The opening sets the approach for your writing, and the closing lures the reader into wanting more information. You found a blog post you thought would be interesting, you read the first line but it wasn’t intriguing.. you stopped … [Read more…]

Understanding SEO For Beginners | SEO Power

So you’re thinking of creating a website or maybe you already have one. Maybe you have a specific niche, an e-commerce store, a blog, a website, any online business… you’re probably wondering how to get people to your site. I’m sure by now, you heard you need to have this thing called SEO. You know … [Read more…]

Understanding Customer Perspectives

What does customer perspective really mean? Sometimes it’s easy to get carried away when writing our content… we get lost in it. We forget who’s at the other end! And that’s people, REAL people…. People who have doubts and fear, people who have needs, people who want help… If we can connect with people, i.e. … [Read more…]