Best Ways to Rank Your Website

Why isn’t your audience reaching out to you?

You spent a lot of time writing content for your articles.  Put a lot of thought, did your research.  Your website is beautifully laid out!  Did everything you were supposed to do.

….found not many people responded!  

If you’re here, you’re probably wondering …

“How to optimize your website using your keyword” 

“What does Keyword mean in the context of Search Engine Optimization?”

  • a word or phrase (typically 2-3 words) .
  • used to act as short cuts to summarize an entire page.
  • used to describe content of a Web page
  • forms part of a Web page’s metada ??
  • helps search engines match a page when potential customers enter a keyword into the search bar

To draw your audience to your website, you need to go further than just coming up with keywords, they need to be the best specifically targeted keywords (internal link). If they were to look something up on the internet, you need to have some kind of idea of what words or phrase they would use.

“In addition to getting the best targeted keywords, some steps should be followed:”

Quality Page Content 

You definitely want quality in your content.  Your content should be exciting, interesting and engaging – ‘exactly what they’re looking for’.  It should be coming from you as a human being!

Take your time writing, I suggest taking breaks to clear your mind.  Ask yourself, these questions as you write…

  • Are you giving a reason why your audience would want to to stick around and read further? Captivate them in the first few seconds!
  • Are you giving them real advice? What’s the value..what’s in it for them? Give them a reason that they can’t get this information anywhere else.
  • Are you using your keyword(s) in your content?  You want to use those keywords naturally.
  • Page content should be between 300 to 700 words with keywords used in your meta tag for that page.
  • Make sure to put those important keyword(s) in your URL.
  • Have new content (Content Freshness) going in your website.  Updating your existing pages as in changing words around, changing dates does not mean new content!

TIP: Search engines love new content on your website

2.  Finish all image attributes

People like to see images but having too many can be overwhelming and it would be challenging for them to get the benefit of what they’re looking for.

Make sure you complete:

      • Title
      • Caption
      • Alternate text
      • Description

Typically, you want to have the image on the right side with content wrapped around. Make sure to add an alt tag describing the image to help people with visual disability, it describes the image and improves SEO.

You also want to make sure you have an image that is sharable…this must be large enough to share.

TIP:  Without completion, the search engines will not really know how to deal with the                images.

 3.  Place internal links to other pages/posts

An internal link basically connects one page of your website to a different page on the same website. The source domain and target domain are the same. One of it’s purpose is to distribute page authority and to give ranking power throughout your site.

To do this:

  • Find a place for an internal link in every new content you write. You can do link this to your older content or link to one of your popular contents of your site.
  • Ensure the anchor text (the visible, clickable text) is appropriate to the article it’s going to.

4.  Reach out

You might need to ask for help or get some advice from other influencers within your niche.  Start branding yourself, get recognition…you want to look for people who can help you and promote your content while you indirectly promote them.

  • Mention a person or business in your content, video, etc.
  • Then, let them know by email, social media that you mentioned them in your content and send to them. They may decide to share this content so they get recognition.
  • Get links to your page from influencers within your niche. You can ask to interview them and submit your interview and comments with your website info and ask them to share (of course you don’t want anything negative).Ask them for a link back with a reason, remember not to offer a link in exchange.       The reason for this is they will work against you here. Google only wants to know you have an editorial right to be there…it’s like a permission.

5.  Make Video Related to Article and Place on YouTube

It’s easy to rank YouTube videos in Google!  Your goal here is to create a great video that will capture your audience’s attention to the end.  YouTube’s search engine is the second most popular after Google.

  • Take your article and turn it into a video by power point presentation with audio using the screen cast of your computer.
  • Do it as a walkthrough of a process.
  • Keep video short and add your content URL within the video description, make sure you put in full HTTP so it becomes a real hyperlink, now embed that video on your article.  You can do it!!

6.  Header Tags

Another way to rank your website is thru Headers.  These make your content easier to read. Think of them as table contents where the readers can scroll down, uses the tags to get to where they want to read.

Google loves header tags!!

In order to get SEO optimized you need to know how they work and where to put them.

H1 Tag:

  • Tied to the title of the post (i.e. title of your niche)
  • NEVER use the tag called “Heading 1” when editing a post in WordPress, since this would create a second H1 tag. You should immediately begin with the H2 tag…”
  • Most important tag on your website
  • Make sure  you have the most important keyword in it – helps your site get ranking, Helps your audience when they enter a keyword in the search bar
  • Should only be used once per page – IMPORTANT!
  • Only get one change to use the tag

Not only do Header Tags also rank better than typical, traditional text, You want to make sure you optimize key words in them.

You can think of them as a triangle:

  • Top of the triangle is your header (H1 tag)
  • Under that are a few header 2 tags
  • And under that more header 3 tags, etc.

7.  Customize Meta Title and Meta Description

 Yes, these do matter! It’s one of your last best hopes on the search engine to grab your audience’s attention. Without having a good description you could be missing out on new audiences and leads.

Meta Title:

  • Put your website name in
  • I usually add something extra …3-4 words
  • You want no more than 55 characters
  • Make sure your Keyword is in title

Meta Description:

  • Small piece of information under the link of a search result
  • Summarizes the contents of the page, post or article to the searcher
  • Goal:  Whatever words the searcher enters into the search bar, you want to have those words match the search term which are in bold in the description.
  • You want at least 155 characters
  • IMPORTANT:  Keyword in description controls the search

Meta Title and Meta Description alt text

TIP:  If you’re using WordPress (place link) all this can be done in All in One SEO.

8.  Title Tags

There is a difference with Meta Title and Title Tags. The difference is in the way SEO thinks and how it gets the conversion.

  • Put important keywords in your page title – very important
  • Limit the overall length of your page title
  • Put most important keywords in first to your very least important keywords used last
  • Use pipes  to separate important keyword (phrases) with no commas, dashes, hyphens unless your keywords have those in
  • Displays at the top of your search browser
  • Also display as linked text
  • GOAL:  Needs to grab the audience’s attention, spark curiosity
  • Expressed as <TITLE>Page Title Here</TITLE>
  • If your company name is important, put it in first otherwise put in at the end
  • Should be well constructed and have the main keyword for that page
  • No less than 65 characters with no stop words like ‘a, if, the, then, and, an, to, etc.
  • No alpha numeric characters, hyphens, and commas
  • Every page must have a different Title Tag



9.  Launch Article

Test Article with a Small Pay Per Click Campaign

This doesn’t help ranking and it’s optional…but it can give you an idea of how your conversion optimization is working so help you decide if you need to do more work.

You can spend a minimal amount like 10.00 and do this as Facebook Ads, etc.

Well folks, I hope all this helped you.  I tried to make this as simple as possible for you!’

I wrote this because I was in the process of creating my website and wanted to get immediate great ranking with the least amount of changes.

If you’re struggling and already have a website and want to learn more or if you don’t have a website and you want to have a successful online business then you’re at the right place.

Try this FREE!  Your FREE Lessons are just a click away!!

I sure would appreciate getting feedback from you and any questions you have would be most welcomed here!  You can also reach me here in Wealthy Affiliate.  This is where I do my best work!!

Thank You!

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  1. Hello Mbouteiller, Thank you for accepting my invitation to connect. Just like you I’ve had some challenging times recently, lost my job to Downsizing. I heard about WA before, look at it briefly and then never got back to looking at it until just before Christmas 2015. I am doing BootCamp and is still at lesson #5, so I’m a beginner. I’ve had some folks in my network encouraging me along and I want to do the same by suggesting to you that this is not a “Sprint” its a “Marathon,” but I feel confident the end result will be worth the effort. So lets give it our best effort. Let’s Do This.

    • admin

      Hi Denton, you’re very welcome! Sounds like we’ve been down the same path with our corporate job.

      We’re definitely at the right place here with Wealthy Affiliate. This is really a friendly community and wonderful
      to get loads of encouragement…a place where we can help and learn from each other to be successful and feel comfortable to ask questions.
      Questions never get unanswered…

      Keep it going and I will too….Wealthy Affiliate is truly our home where we can do our business successfully!

      Let’s do this! I’m here to help you anyway I can!!

  2. Hi Monica,
    This is a very informative article. I like how you broke it all down into chunks so anyone who has a site can better understand how to get their site to rank . I find your overall site very interesting and I am going to check out Wealthy Affiliate as I see you recommend it. Thanks for a great article.

    • Monica

      Hi Gloria,

      You’re very welcome and thank you for your comment! I wrote this article because I hear quite often from people wondering why they weren’t getting better ranking on their site. I like to help!

      I do all my work in Wealthy Affiliate. You will find a very friendly community inside and you will learn how to build your own website…. get 10 free lessons. I will be there to personally welcome and help you!!

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