Understanding Customer Perspectives

What does customer perspective really mean? Sometimes it’s easy to get carried away when writing our content… we get lost in it. We forget who’s at the other end! And that’s people, REAL people…. People who have doubts and fear, people who have needs, people who want help… If we can connect with people, i.e. … [Read more…]

What’s The Best Keyword Research Tool | Super Powered Jaaxy Enterprise!!

The most valuable resource of data is knowing the keyword’s competition in search engines! It’s like gambling, like rolling a dice if you don’t know how many websites are actually ranked for that particular keyword. What’s the best keyword research tool? Super Powered Jaaxy Enterprise!! Jaaxy Enterprise is the world’s most powerful and advanced keyword … [Read more…]

How to Build a WordPress Website in 30 Seconds (Proof is in the Video)

A website … every successful business uses this solid foundation! We’ve all heard of WordPress websites!  It’s the largest self-hosted blogging tool in the world. It’s been used on millions of sites, in addition, there are tens of millions of people looking at these sites. It’s the best platform, THE most supported and influential framework for … [Read more…]