Tired Working For Someone Else

Everyday of the week, people go through the same routine of getting up at the wee hours of the morning, grab some coffee, drive through traffic, work the 8+ hours, make their way home through traffic again….does this sound like you? Maybe you have to wear a suit and tie, you have 2 jobs, still … [Read more…]

Is Chris Farrell Membership A Scam?

  Name: Chris Farrell Membership Website: www.chrisfarrellmembership.com Price: $4.95 US for first 7 days, $37 a month after that Additionals: Domain name ($3-10.00 a year) Hosting (approx.. $7.00 a month) Autoresponder (Aweber Communication) ($1.00 for 30 days then $19.00 a month thereafter) Owner: Chris Farrell Overall Rank:  86 out of 100 points  Legit! Overview of … [Read more…]