How to Sell and Make Money

“Interested in learning how to sell and make money?  Let me help!” To make any kind of profit and sales, you have to have customers and visitors and most importantly they need to purchase your product(s) and services. To close a sale, you need to HELP your customers and visitors solve their need or problem…this … [Read more…]

How to Use Images Properly on a Website

Did you know images can create hundreds of traffic from image search engines like Google Images?  But …. are we using using images properly… “I want to help you Use Images Properly on Your Website!” It really is quite true when it’s said ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’. It’s like having everything you want to … [Read more…]

Best Ways to Rank Your Website

Why isn’t your audience reaching out to you? You spent a lot of time writing content for your articles.  Put a lot of thought, did your research.  Your website is beautifully laid out!  Did everything you were supposed to do. ….found not many people responded!   If you’re here, you’re probably wondering … “How to … [Read more…]